The Author’s Statement of faith

I am currently studying at Baptist Theological College with the course of AB Theology. I am 23 years old, and I am interested with apologetic. I am a devoted follower of my Master and Lord Jesus Christ who saved me from eternal death. I am convinced that God’s existence is true and He is beyond reasonable doubt. I believe that  Jesus was Historically true in which that He was born, was crucified, was buried, and on third day was raised from the dead to bring life to those who believe in the Gospel. I am truly believe that  God also revealed Himself  to the writers of the Scripture, and inspired the Scripture which is His Word. I believe that through the illumination of the Holy Spirit the hearer of His word will be effectually convince that God exist and Jesus is Lord of all things.

The Apologetician

This page will present the basic evidence of the existence of God, and the Historical reliability of Jesus Christ.


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